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BOULDER, Colo. — Introducing jeng an alcohol-free, hemp-infused, ready-to-drink cocktail to excite the palate, inspire conversation, and elevate social experiences.

jeng is the brainchild of Christopher Lackner and John Enghauser, old friends who reconnected with an idea right before the pandemic hit. Using a recipe from John’s favorite “home cocktail,” jeng hit the shelves in New York in early 2021. The company is currently expanding into Chicago, with plans for national expansion in 2022.

“John and I are fans of bold flavored cocktails and craft beers. Rather than create another boring CBD seltzer, we set out to make a drink that we would enjoy, one that replicated the cocktail experience but without the alcohol,” said Lackner. “A cocktail is more than a delivery device for alcohol, it’s an experience to be shared. With jeng, you get that cocktail flavor, feeling, and connection. What you don’t get is the hangover.”

Bringing a refreshing, alcohol-free alternative to cocktail culture, jeng replicates classics like the Moscow mule, the paloma, and the gin & tonic. Eleven milligrams of CBD make the drink easily enjoyable and approachable for the sober-curious as well as the CBD-curious.

“We intentionally formulated jeng to have a “sessionable” amount of CBD to make it enticing, not intimidating,” said Enghauser. “It’s the perfect amount for someone who may never have heard of CBD but is eager to try it.”

The adult beverage world is changing. Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages are on the rise. Non-alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly popular, and hemp beverages are emerging as an alternative. All three trends are captured in jeng’s line of drinks.

“Bar managers are thrilled to have a high-quality RTD on the menu because it means less time to fulfill the order,” said Lackner. “At a time when bars and restaurants are seriously understaffed, those few seconds add up.

“The other issue we’re hearing, particularly in cannabis-legal states, is that customers are just drinking water at dinner or at a venue because they’ve consumed cannabis before going out. They don’t want to mix booze and pot, which is understandable, but it’s very frustrating for the operator. jeng solves that problem.”

The future of beverages is alcohol-free. With the rapid rise in cannabis legalization, the growing trend toward functional and “better for you” beverages, cocktail culture will almost certainly continue to trend toward alcohol-free.

“Rapid change is the nature of the beverage industry,” said Lackner. “Thirty years ago, bottled water was inconceivable. Ten years ago, alcohol seltzers were mostly unheard of. Five years ago, CBD wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Today, we’re seeing a growing sober-curious movement that is normalizing an alcohol-free lifestyle, and a culture that is increasingly perceiving hemp and cannabis as healthy alternatives. The opportunity is there.”

About jeng, LLC
Founded in 2019 by John Enghauser and Christopher Lackner, jeng LLC makes premium alcohol-free, hemp-infused, ready-to-drink cocktails for the world to enjoy. Based in Boulder County, Colorado, jengTM is available in New York and Chicago, and online at

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