About Us

Our Origins

2020 was a time to take stock in what really is important in life. We missed the after work happy hours, the spontaneous conversations at the neighborhood bar, the simple pleasure of buying a drink for someone to show your appreciation.

Meanwhile, it seemed like every new product on the market was a variation of the same old boring seltzer. Regardless of whether it had booze or hemp in it, they all tasted the same. And to be honest, they didn't taste that good.

Which brings us to jeng.

In a time of undifferentiated seltzers and overwhelming beer and wine options, we wanted to create something completely different. Something complex that delights the senses. Something worth talking about.  Something worth sharing.

We hope you’ll enjoy our twist on cocktail culture. Please let us know what you think.

Chris & John

What's with the name?

Good question. To be honest, it's simply a portmanteau of John's first and last name. We used it as a placeholder, since we were having a hard time finding a name we liked that wasn't already taken. Eventually, we grew to like it for its originality. It was clearly something different than what the other drinks were called, and since we were making a completely different drink, well, it just made sense.