What's Inside Jeng CBD Cocktails?

What's Inside Jeng CBD Cocktails?

At Jeng, we firmly believe you should never have to sacrifice quality and integrity for convenience. That's why our ready-to-drink CBD-infused cocktails are meticulously crafted using only the best natural ingredients available. We resolutely skip unnecessary artificial additives, synthetic chemicals, and cheap flavor shortcuts that degrade taste and purity. Instead, we go to extraordinary lengths to source and craft only premium botanical essences into each batch, no matter the effort required.

In this comprehensive post, we'll fully explore what sets Jeng's ingredients and production processes apart. You'll learn why our unwavering commitment to quality, simplicity, and care delivers an unparalleled exceptional tasting experience with each sip. Read on to understand why Jeng's CBD cocktails are setting new standards of excellence and purity for wellness beverages worldwide. Discover how premium natural ingredients, artisanal care, and a dogged commitment to quality come together to create the next generation of functional botanical cocktails.

Real, Quality Ingredients

At Jeng, we are unwavering in our commitment to using only real, natural ingredients in our CBD cocktails. We never cut corners with artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, or anything else conjured up in a laboratory. Our ingredients lists contain things you can visualize growing in a garden, orchard or field - fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices in their whole, unprocessed forms. We take pride in our from-scratch production process that infuses real botanical essences into each flavor. You'll never find anything artificial in our cocktails because natural plants, done right, deliver unparalleled flavor, aroma and health benefits. Jeng provides a premium sipping experience that could only come from Mother Nature's pantry.

Crafted with Care - No Shortcuts

Many ready-to-drink beverages cut corners with synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, and other unnecessary additives. Not Jeng. We strictly avoid any shortcuts that degrade quality and freshness.

Our cocktails are free of artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate. Instead, we use natural acids like citric acid from citrus fruits plus antioxidants like vitamin E from plant oils to maintain freshness. We also omit chemical chelating agents, Again relying on natural antioxidants and proper production methods for stability.

Jeng never uses artificial emulsifiers and stabilizers like gellan gum, carrageenan, or polysorbate 80 extracted from petroleum. We prefer natural pectin from citrus peels or plant gums like acacia gum to naturally emulsion our oils. And we stabilize bubbles with real lecithin from non-GMO soy rather than chemical surfactants.

We also exclude synthetic concentration agents that thin out flavors. Using careful ingredient ratios and gravity filtration, we naturally achieve well-integrated flavor without additives. And we rely on real juice extracts, never from concentrate or powdered.

Instead of synthetic compounds, we use time-honored techniques like cold filtration, natural acids, and unrefined oils to formulate and preserve Jeng’s cocktails. Our meticulous in-house production team crafts each small batch by hand with care and attention.

The result is a superior sipping experience with depth and integrity. When real, natural ingredients are handled properly without shortcuts, shelf life is not an issue. Jeng proves you don't need artificial additives to make a convenient CBD beverage.

Naturally Gluten-Free - No Need to Worry

Jeng's ready-to-drink cocktails are formulated to be naturally gluten-free, with no barley, wheat, rye or other gluten-containing grains. We avoid those ingredients altogether and use alternatives like tapioca starch for thickening purposes.

During the R&D process, our team screens all potential ingredients to verify gluten-free status. We require suppliers to document that their facilities prevent any cross-contamination through dedicated production lines and thorough cleaning protocols.

In our own facilities, we have strict procedures to keep production free of gluten. We use separate equipment just for Jeng. Our facilities are frequently audited by third parties to ensure there is no chance of gluten exposure.

With both gluten-free ingredients and gluten-free processes, we guarantee our cocktails contain no detectable traces of gluten. So those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or who follow a gluten-free diet can sip Jeng worry-free.

We send products out for third-party testing to validate our gluten-free claim with assay results below the most stringent limitations globally. Quality control ensures our products align with diverse dietary needs and preferences.

Plant-Powered Sipping - Vegan Friendly

Jeng contains absolutely no animal products, byproducts, or animal-derived ingredients. Our recipes are 100% plant-based and vegan friendly.

We stick exclusively to botanicals, fruits, roots, herbs, and other plant ingredients sourced from ethical growers. For instance, our Bright & Bubbly Mai Tai gets its light, airy foam topping from aquafaba - the liquid from sustainably grown chickpeas.

During the product development process, we thoroughly vet all potential ingredients to ensure they align with vegan values. Our suppliers provide documentation on the supply chain and processing methods, which we review closely.

In our own facilities, Jeng follows strict protocols to prevent cross-contamination from any animal products. Our equipment is dedicated to plant-based production only.

Vegans and vegetarians alike can imbibe Jeng cocktails aligned with their ethics and diet. We also clearly label allergens like soy to accommodate varied needs.

At Jeng, we believe plants are the ultimate superfoods. We're proud to create flavorful sipping experiences from the earth's botanical bounty. Only quality, ethically-sourced plants go into Jeng's mix.

Non-GMO Means No Compromises

Jeng will never contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - that's a rock-solid promise. We're completely committed to using only non-GMO ingredients from the source seed to the final packaged sip.

Whenever available, we source organic fruits, vegetables, and botanicals to ensure GMO-free status. Our suppliers provide detailed documentation proving no GMO cultivars are used on their farms.

For other ingredients like spices or starches, we thoroughly vet each supplier through audits and ongoing verification to guarantee only non-GMO sources are used. We review their processing from farm to finished ingredient for full traceability.

In our own facilities, we follow stringent protocols to prevent any GMO cross-contamination. Our equipment is dedicated to non-GMO production only.

By rigorously keeping GMOs out of our entire supply chain, Jeng delivers the same plants precisely as nature intended them - nothing artificial added. We believe purity and quality start from non-GMO seed.

Free of Nuts and Nut Oils

Jeng cocktails do not contain any nuts, nut proteins, or nut oils. We intentionally avoid all nuts and nut derivatives during formulation as a protective measure for those with allergies.

We produce Jeng in a facility that has never processed nuts. All equipment is thoroughly sanitized and dedicated solely to nut-free production. We follow stringent protocols to prevent any cross-contact.

Both our ingredients and processes make Jeng conclusively free of nut traces. Those avoiding nuts due to allergies or preferences can enjoy Jeng with confidence.

We want everyone to be able to partake in Jeng's flavors and benefits in a way that feels safe for their needs. Providing nut-free and allergy-friendly options aligns with our values of care and inclusion.

Ethical Sourcing Aligns with Our Values

At Jeng, we care deeply about where our ingredients come from and how they are produced. We partner only with suppliers following ethical practices that align with our values.

All our fruit, vegetable, and herb suppliers must meet criteria for responsible water use, soil health practices, and fair labor conditions. We tour facilities frequently to verify compliance. And we prioritize partnering with local farms to reduce environmental impacts.

We aim to uplift grower communities through fair, long-term contracts. And we are transparency advocates - our website traces key ingredients back to origin. Sourcing choices make or break supply chain sustainability.

Mindful Enjoyment is Our Intention

Jeng was created to provide an uplifting, balanced sipping experience using functional ingredients like CBD. Our goal is mindful enjoyment - not overindulgence leading to impairment or adverse health effects.

We believe well-being should be the focus when consuming cannabis-related products. That's why our CBD dosage provides light support; it's not designed to overwhelm the senses. Portion sizes encourage moderation.

We also avoid mixing CBD with high amounts of alcohol or stimulants that can lead to overconsumption. Our ingredients and formulations are thoughtful by design.

By promoting mindful enjoyment of cannabis-inspired cocktails, we hope to shift perceptions and reduce harm. Moderation and intention should rule consumption. Jeng provides a purposeful, gently dosed sipping experience.

Quality You Can Trust from Seed to Sip

At Jeng, we believe wellness beverages shouldn't compromise on ingredient quality. That's why we only use real, natural ingredients selected with care.

We take pride in our from-scratch production process that preserves real botanical flavors. And we tailor recipes to accommodate diverse diets and needs.

Next time you sip a Jeng CBD cocktail, you can trust what's inside - only the good stuff. Quality ingredients make for an exceptional beverage you can feel good about.

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